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A Beautiful Story - Bloom Citrine Gold Necklace heart

A Beautiful Story – Bloom Citrine Gold Necklace


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The Bloom Citrine heart gold necklace is a necklace of faceted brass beads with a large gold plated heart charm, a large Citrine gemstone and a cotton tassel. The Citrine gemstone symbolises happiness, strength and personal power.

Lotus Flow Silver Necklace - A Beautiful Story

A Beautiful Story – Lotus Flow Silver Necklace


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It is water that flows. Water is cleansing, healing and a loving element, it symbolizes out emotional and intuitive world.  Water affects your ability to express your thoughts and emotions. It helps you let go of the past to create your desired future.

Carry our water jewellery to create healthy relationships, express your true feelings, and let go of depression, fear and sleeplessness. Enhance love and compassion to keep a healthy emotional balance.


A Beautiful Story Black Oyx superwrap bracelet

A Beautiful Story Black Onyx Superwrap Bracelet


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This bracelet can be wrapped around five times. It shows different patterns, made with glass beads, faceted brass beads, Black Onyx gemstone chips and a big Black Onyx gemstone bead. The Black Onyx gemstone symbolizes concentration and determination. Wear this gemstone when in need of focus without getting distracted by your surroundings.

African Binga Baskets


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Handwoven in Africa by skilled artisans traditional weaving techniques are used to create this beautifully simple patterned basket. Comprised of natural and locally harvested materials (such as wild grasses, small vines and palm leaves).  Gorgeous when hung on the wall or as a table feature.

Natural and Oatmeal Door Rug

Alizar Natural Oatmeal Door Rug


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The alizar natural and oatmeal door rug made from hemp-chenilland is a beautifully textured and neutral addition to your home.

metallic door rug

Alta Door Rug


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If love a bit of sparkle and the Alta Rug is just right!  This beautiful grey metallic door rug is hand woven from real leather and cotton.

Amatie ~ 191


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It is the magical symbol of love and friendship. The two hearts together symbolise the union of two souls.

Hendrix and Harlow reclaimed timber amici round dining table Out Of Stock

Amici Dining Table


The Amici dining table is designed to bring people together. Its modern form is completely at home in a contemporary setting but the use of beautiful Australian hardwood timber ensures the table has a warm, tactile feel. Amici is perfect for entertaining, comfortably seating six. Overall, this table is guaranteed to become a long time favourite in your home.

Amira Beach Bag

Amira Bag – Natural


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Get your boho on, with the stunning hand-loomed Amira bag! It is the perfect size for busy mums,  as a shopper or an individual beach bag. Features internal pockets and a magnetic clasp for closure. Finished with beautiful brass sequins that have been hand sewn on to each piece.


Turkish earrings boho statement jewellery

Anise Earrings


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These gorgeous handcrafted earrings will compliment any any outfit.  Made from silver plated pewter they are lightweight and beautifully finished.

Antique Brass Canister


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A fabulous decorative piece with so many uses. Store your paint brushes, pens or use as a stylish planter. This brass canister will add individuality to your space.

Apple Star ~ 048 ~ Noosa Amsterdam Petite Chunk


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The Noosa Amsterdam Petite Chunk “Apple Star” is from the Apple Star series of petite chunks. In Greek mythology, Venus is known as the goddess of love and beauty. She’s also referred to a the “queen of pleasure”. Together with her son Cupid, they are the symbol of sexuality, passion and charm. Venus is often portrayed with an apple. In the vegetable kingdom the apple was among others sacred to Venus. It symbolizes beauty and charm.

Vegan make up brush, application brush bamboo

Application Brush


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This cute vegan bristle brush with a bamboo handle is perfect for mixing and applying your clay mask easily and effectively.


Aragon Fringe Cushion


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The Aragon Fringe Cushion brings tribal luxury to any living space.  Featuring fringe detail and a beautifully soft texture it is the perfect cushion for the lounge or bedroom.