String of Pearls


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The String of Pearls is a beautiful trailing plant, perfect for a shelf, window sill or in a hanging basket.

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  • Pot size is 130mm
  • Otherwise known as String of Beads
  • Please note the decorative planter is not included
String of Pearls Care Guide

Light –  String of Pearls prefers bright (but indirect) light conditions indoors, and morning sun exposure is even better.  Consider placing this plant on a brightly lit windowsill or shelf, ideally one that is free from drafts or rapid temperature changes.

Water – As with other succulents, do not over-water your string of pearls.  Allow the soil to dry out before giving them a good soak.  Too much water causes the pearls to go mushy and rot; not enough water will cause them to shrivel like dehydrated peas.  Cut back on the water during the cooler months.

Repotting – When it is time to Repot use a good quality cacti and succulent mix

Scientific name: Senecio rowleyanus

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