Marble Queen Pothos


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The marble queen pothos is a popular plant in the hardy pothos family. All members of this group have glossy, heart-shaped, leathery leaves but in different colours, with this variety featuring striking green and white marbled leaves. This is the perfect plant to add to your indoor collection.

Please note – plants that are shipped will be sent bare root with repotting instructions included.

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  • Pot size is 130mm
  • Please note decorative planter is not included
Marble Queen Pothos Care Guide

Light –  Satin Pothos thrives in both bright indirect light and low-light conditions (but it will keep the patterns if kept in bright indirect light).

Water – Water thoroughly and allow the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings. Keep soil barely moist in winter. Yellow leaves are a symptom of overwatering.

Repotting – When it is time to Repot use an all-purpose houseplant potting mix.


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