Flores Amaryllis ~ 004 ~ Petite Chunk


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In Victorian England people used to send each other messages using flower symbolism.

Meaning : love, compassion and friendship

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Amaryllis ~ Flores PETITE Chunk features:
  • Meaning – love, compassion and friendship
  • Material – Bone
  • Colour – Orange

How it works? You start with the base: a beautiful bracelet, ring or necklace. Customise them with the PETITE chunks to create a personal look. The chunks are easily attachable and removable, enabling you to easily create innumerable variations. Please note the PETITE range is not compatible with the Original.


FAIR TRADE is essential to the production of Noosa chunks.  Noosa Amsterdam strives to trade in a fair and sustainable way by offering the artists a stable income and suitable workspace close to their homes. They have created over 500 jobs in chunk manufacturing while employees earn a fair wage and enjoy good working conditions, which contributes towards better lives for the families, and ensures that their children are able to attend school.



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