Paper Plant – Fatsia Japonica


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The beautiful Fatsia Japonica is a very popular evergreen that has been grown indoors for many years but is also a staple of tropical gardens.  Featuring large, deeply lobed, shiny leathery leaves typically growing eight lobes on each leaf.

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  • Pot size is 180mm
  • Otherwise known as glossy-leaf paper plant, fatsi, false castor oil plant, or Japanese aralia
  • Please note decorative planter is not included
Fatsia Japonica Care Guide

Light – Fatsia Japonica prefers partial or even full shade

Water – During the growing season, regular moisture is essential. During the winter, cut back water slightly. They are sensitive to sitting in water, so good drainage is important.

Soil – It’s not actually that picky about soil, but will often do best in a slightly acidic soil mix

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