A Beautiful Story – Bloom Citrine Gold Necklace


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The Bloom Citrine heart gold necklace is a necklace of faceted brass beads with a large gold plated heart charm, a large Citrine gemstone and a cotton tassel. The Citrine gemstone symbolises happiness, strength and personal power.

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The Bloom Citrine Gold Necklace by A Beautiful Story Features:
  • Measures: 100cm
  • Faceted white metal or brass beads with a large gold or silver plated charm
  • Large size gemstone pendant
  • Tassel of cotton thread


Fire | the power of creation
  • The element Fire is both creative and destructive, its qualities are brightness, lightness and activeness. Fire is change, passion, creativity, motivation, willpower, drive and sensuality.
  • Keep our fire jewellery close to you so you can take action towards your desired goals. Bring balance to your willpower, creativity and action.
  • Happiness | strength | personal power


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