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Stork ~ 338


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Storks have a special place in the hearts of all Slavionic people. It is believed that if a stork builds its nest on your roof, you’ll be blessed with great fortune.

Original chunk - sunflower 298

Sunflower ~ 298


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The sunflower always turns towards the light and is therefore a symbol of positivity.  The sunflower also stands for two opposites: adoration of light on the one hand and submissive following on the other.  There is a myth about the Goddess Clytie in Ancient Greek, who was rejected by the Sun God Apollo.  Clytie then changed into a sunflower.

Teardrop ~ 286


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Freya, goddess of fertility, cries golden tears. Her tears symbolise the four seasons which stand for embracing change.

Third Eye - Petite chunk - Noosa Amsterdam

Third Eye ~ Petite Chunk


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The third eye is the sixth primary chakra in the body according to Hindu tradition, which connects people to their intuition