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ingwaz rune brass chunk orignal noosa amsterdam

Ingwaz Rune ~ 273


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This ingwaz rune symbol has been used throughout the ages and cultures and can still be found on Scandinavian rune stones. It represents the creation of life

Jilin Rime Cerise Chunk - Noosa Amsterdam

Jilin Rime Cerise ~ 357


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The Jilin Wusong rime arises in Jilin, North China, each winter: a spectacle formed by the ice flower gathering in the branches and leaves of trees due to low temperatures. Looking at the white rime makes people aware of the need to treat their parents respectfully

Katabami ~ 263


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In Japan this is a popular family cress based on the yellow-sorrel flower. The founder of this cress wished that their descendants could flourish, because it is a fertile plant. These days this symbol is popular because the three heart shapes are associated with love.


Kintsugi Gold and Denim Chunk - Noosa Amsterdam

Kintsugi Denim ~ 354


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Kintsugi is the Japanese art of ‘healing’ broken pottery with lacquer and silver or gold. This Kintsugi cherishes the beauty of imperfection.

026 Kolam - Raangolee Noosa Amsterdam petite chunk

Kolam Raangolee ~ 026 ~ Petite Chunk


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The Noosa Amsterdam Petite Chunk “Raangolee” is from the Kolam series of petite chunks. Kolam is an authentic form of street art, practiced before sunrise by Indian women every morning. The patterns stand for a positive beginning.

Materials: ceramic

Meaning : positivity

Kolovrath ~ 341


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The Kolovrath is the Pan Slavic symbol of the Sun. The old Slavic faith connects people with Slavid blood all over the world, this symbol is one of these connections.

Korozu ~ 331


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The Korozu chunk symbolises the ancient Slavic belief is that the ears of corn have magical powers.


Maat ~ 227


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The Goddess Maät is depicted with a feather on her head on the Egyptian hieroglyphs. This feather symbolises justice.

Maira 284 Original chunk Noosa Amsterdam

Maira ~ 284


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The sun is granted divine power in almost all ancient cultures. This Maira stands for invincibility and the light which dispels darkness.

Mallow ~ 345


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The mallow is a representation of the mallow flower. It is a variation of the eight-pointed star, a sun symbol.
This symbol illustrates femininity, and symbolizes love and caring for others.

Navkh leather double wrap bracelet

Navkh Double Wrap Bracelet ~ Tan


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The Nivkh double wrap bracelet is made from 100% naturally tanned leather. You can wrap the bracelet around your wrist three times.
The bracelet is fastened with the use of a pin. Each bracelet can be personalised with 3 chunks from the Noosa Amsterdam.  Chunks are not included, check out our range of chunks under our “Noosa Amsterdam Chunk” tab.

Nazca ~ 035


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This image may be found in Peru, where it was drawn in the desert sands and has stayed intact for thousands of years. Wearing these ‘riddles in the sand’ represents the eternity of life.

Nigella Flower Valentines Chunk ~ CP070 ~ Petite


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This flower represents the chains which bind people together – usually in love, but sometimes in bitterness. They are said to express surprise and intrigue and are often given as gifts to tell the recipient the giver is fascinated, or simply has a crush.