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Noosa Amsterdam Small Black Leather Bag

Noosa Amsterdam Oshun ~ Small Black Leather Bag


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Discover the special materials and the sheer craftsmanship of the NOOSA Amsterdam Oshun Small Leather Bag.

The hand-beaten studs are inspired by the traditional garments worn by the indigenous Nivkh people living near the Russian island of Sakhalin. The studs offer the wearer strength and protection.  Zip closure will come with matching tassel, zipped inside pocket and small studs decorate one side.

Noosa Amsterdam Petite Classic Wrap Bracelet Cream

Noosa Amsterdam Petite Classic Wrap Bracelet Skinny ~ Cream


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A stunning addition to your Noosa Amsterdam collection is the petite bracelet range. Made from beautiful nu-buck leather this bracelet can be personalised with three petite chunks (sold separately). This bracelet measures approximately 13mm across and is great worn by itself or stacked with other bracelets/chains.


Noosa Amsterdam Protection bracelet staples Jean leather bracelet with chunk

Noosa Amsterdam Raw Romance Protection Bracelet ~ Jean


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The Ocean Original Chunk® bracelet by NOOSA Amsterdam is handmade from naturally tanned leather. The bracelet features silver and copper coloured ‘staples’, as well as the well-known NOOSA Amsterdam symbol studs. The bracelet can be closed with a push button and can be personalised with an Original Chunk®.  Chunks are not included, check out our range of chunks under our Noosa Amsterdam Original Chunks tab.

Noosa Amsterdam Wabi Sabi Braided Wallet


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Wabi Sabi Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in nature of accepting the natural cycle of growth, decay and death. It’s simple, slow and uncluttered – and it reveres authenticity above all. It celebrates cracks, crevices and all other marks that time weather and loving us leave behind.

Ocean Sushi ~ 112


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In Japan, fish are seen as the embodiment of the subconscious.  The ocean sushi is a symbol of balance and harmony.

One Eyed Dzi ~ 002


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The dzi bead, originally from Tibet, stands for positive spirituality and protection.  The literal meaning of dzi is ‘shine, brightness and splendour”.

Noosa Amsterdam Chunk - Oshun Star - 348

Oshun Star ~ 348


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Oshun is seen as a goddess of love, maternity, and marriage. Although she suffered many misfortunes, Oshun is seen as lively, sparkling and vivacious.


Pachamama ~ 239


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Pachama literally means Mother Earth and is considered to be the most revered goddess in the Andes. Pachama protects people, makes life possible and aids fertility.

Lotus chunk Padma 220 Chunk Noosa Amsterdam

Padma ~ 220


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This padma – snow lotus grows at an altitude of 3000 to 5000 meters in the Tibetan mountains. The flower symbolises purity of feelings and thoughts

Paracas Spondylus ~ 078


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In pre-Columbian times, this very rare shell was considered to be ‘the gold of the Gods’. The spondylus hails from the Peruvian island of Paracus and symbolises benefaction and happiness.

Patterns Turkish Jewellery Silver Ring



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Patterns Ring is crafted from Pewter with a 100% stirling silver coating. It is fully size adjustable and is a stunning statement peice.

Paulownia Tree ~ 021


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Paulownia Tree. According to Japanese tradition this “princess tree” is planted whenever a girl is born.  The wood used at her wedding to create a chest of drawers.  The paulownia tree represents fertility and luck.

Pennan 031 Original Chunk Noosa Amsterdam

Pennan ~ 031


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The Vikings considered the pennan to be a symbol of love and luck. They believed that all their wishes would come true if they carved this symbol in petrified wood when the moon was three nights old.

Perla ~ 075


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The pearl is considered one of the Eight Auspicious Treasures in China.  Its hardness and resistance to wear and tear make the shell a symbol for immortality.

Pine Tree ~ 319


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The Pine tree is seen as a symbol which attracts wealth and helps you stay on track during tough times.


Polaris 301 noosa amsterdam chunk origina

Polaris ~ 301


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The Polaris is considered to be the pivot of the universe and the gates of heaven. It therefore stands for eternity. The Polaris is also seen as a symbol of hope in many different cultures, as its a form of light in the darkness.

Meaning: eternity and hope.

Oshun Goddess Collection – A journey to reconnect with the divine beauty and strength that lives inside all of us. Our inner Goddess. Throughout ages and cultures, goddesses have been given different symbolic meanings in stories, myths and portrayals in a serch for identification. The are the creators, the givers of life. They are the archetypes of courage, trust, vision, safety, beauty, health, love, mystery and feminine power. With this theme Noosa Amsterdam honours strong women and open up to the unique power we all carry.