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A Beautiful Story - Bloom Citrine Gold Necklace heart

A Beautiful Story – Bloom Citrine Gold Necklace


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The Bloom Citrine heart gold necklace is a necklace of faceted brass beads with a large gold plated heart charm, a large Citrine gemstone and a cotton tassel. The Citrine gemstone symbolises happiness, strength and personal power.

Lotus Flow Silver Necklace - A Beautiful Story

A Beautiful Story – Lotus Flow Silver Necklace


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It is water that flows. Water is cleansing, healing and a loving element, it symbolizes out emotional and intuitive world.  Water affects your ability to express your thoughts and emotions. It helps you let go of the past to create your desired future.

Carry our water jewellery to create healthy relationships, express your true feelings, and let go of depression, fear and sleeplessness. Enhance love and compassion to keep a healthy emotional balance.


A Beautiful Story Black Oyx superwrap bracelet

A Beautiful Story Black Onyx Superwrap Bracelet


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This bracelet can be wrapped around five times. It shows different patterns, made with glass beads, faceted brass beads, Black Onyx gemstone chips and a big Black Onyx gemstone bead. The Black Onyx gemstone symbolizes concentration and determination. Wear this gemstone when in need of focus without getting distracted by your surroundings.