Buddu Planter


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The Buddu Planter is a tribal inspired mini planter. Made from 100% organic clay this pot looks particularly great planted with a cactus or succulent.

Iku Earth Vase


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Our Iku Earth Vase is made from 100% concrete with a distressed and aged finish. This vase perfectly compliments raw, rustic and earthy interiors.

Fatsia Japonica Paper Plant Indoor Tropical Plant

Paper Plant – Fatsia Japonica


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The beautiful Fatsia Japonica is a very popular evergreen that has been grown indoors for many years but is also a staple of tropical gardens.  Featuring large, deeply lobed, shiny leathery leaves typically growing eight lobes on each leaf.

String of Pearls String of Beads

String of Pearls


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The String of Pearls is a beautiful trailing plant, perfect for a shelf, window sill or in a hanging basket.